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Sensor Tester CO — precision and safety in Your hands


In a world where safety is a priority, a precise tool for monitoring carbon monoxide and tobacco smoke detectors is indispensable. Our Sensor Tester CO is the answer to this need – effective, safe, and reliable.


Why choose Our Sensor Tester?

  • Quick Testing: The entire testing process takes just 2-3 minutes, making it ideal for busy individuals and professionals alike.
  • Safety: The product leaves no stains and doesn’t contaminate sensors. It’s safe for people and pets.
  • Multiple Uses: A single package allows for up to seven tests.


Instructions for testing the carbon monoxide detector (CO)

  • Preparing the Detector: Place the CO detector in a zip-lock bag, leaving a small opening for the capillary tube.
  • Conducting the Test: Insert the capillary tube through the opening and spray the solution for 3 seconds. Quickly remove the tube and seal the bag.
  • Waiting for a Reaction: The detector should activate the alarm within 3 minutes.
  • Replacing the Detector: If the alarm does not sound, repeat the test after 15 minutes. If the detector still does not respond, replace it.
  • Sensor Inspection: Sensors should be inspected every 6 months.


Instructions for testing the tobacco smoke detector

  • Preparation: Point the capillary tube toward the detector chamber, maintaining a distance of 3-5 cm.
  • Testing: Spray the solution for about 1 second. The signal should activate within a few seconds.


Safety and functionality

The sensor tester’s physicochemical properties have been carefully selected to ensure effectiveness and safety. The colorless gas easily tests the electrical circuits of detectors without contaminating sensors or leaving stains. A filling pressure of 200 bar-g at 15°C ensures ideal performance.


Sensor Tester — available capacities

  • 400 ml Aerosol (ART.AGT-212): The perfect choice for those who want to quickly and effectively test their detectors. This compact solution allows up to seven tests from a single package.


Support for Your Brand

Our company provides private-label manufacturing services, creates Safety Data Sheets in 22 languages, and develops new formulas so that our clients’ products can easily conquer the global market. Learn more on our services page.


Sensor Tester CO — summary

Our Sensor Tester CO is a reliable tool for quick and effective testing of carbon monoxide and tobacco smoke detectors. Its intuitive operation and safe formula make testing fast and precise. With us, precision and safety go hand in hand.


More information about the product is available in the technical data sheet and safety data sheet.

Tester czujników CO w pojemności 400 ml (ART.AGT-212). (Sensor tester, Prüfgerät für Sensoren, Прибор для проверки датчиков) Aerosol 400 ml
Capacity400 ml
Number of pcs in the package12
Product codeART.AGT-212
Bar code5901764325000
CapacityPackageNumber of pcs in the packageArt. codeBar code
Tester czujników CO w pojemności 400 ml (ART.AGT-212). (Sensor tester, Prüfgerät für Sensoren, Прибор для проверки датчиков)400 mlAerosol12ART.AGT-2125901764325000

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Sensor tester