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Leak Tester – a reliable tool for detecting gas leaks


Safety, precision, and control are paramount in many industries. Our exceptional product simplifies the work of professionals by providing a reliable tool for detecting gas leaks, even at minimal pressure. Whether you’re working on gas installations, heating systems, vehicles, or in welding, our Leak Tester is always effective, revealing leaks in no time.


Leak Tester – unique formula

What sets this product apart? Primarily its physicochemical properties. As a foam with a pH of 6-8 and a density of 0.99 g/cm³ at 20°C, it dissolves perfectly in water, making application easy. Its water-based formula is odorless and free of harmful solvents, ensuring safety and ease of use. The efficient foam highlights every leak, simplifying detection and repair. Compliance with DIN EN 14291 proves our product meets the highest standards. Professional quality combined with modern technology guarantees reliability and efficiency.


Precision in every drop with the 360° Valve

The 360° valve allows full rotation, ensuring access to hard-to-reach areas. Thus, each leak is exposed with high precision, minimizing errors and maximizing the use of each drop.


Leak Tester – available capacities

To meet diverse customer requirements, we offer the tester in a compact 400 ml capacity (ART.AGT-133). It comes in a practical aerosol for quick, precise, and convenient use even in tight spaces.


AG TermoPasty’s additional services

We also offer services tailored to customer needs, from private-label production to packaging ready-made contents. Our solutions are synonymous with quality and innovation. Learn more on our services page.


Leak Tester – summary

Our Leak Tester combines an innovative 360° valve with a professional formula to ensure precise leak detection. Its safe and efficient foam formula and easy application make it the ideal tool for professionals. By using this product, you’ll improve the safety and efficiency of your work.


Find more information about the product in the technical and safety data sheets.

Tester szczelności aerozol 400 ml z zaworem 360°. (Leak tester, Leckage-prüfmittel, Тестер герметичности) Aerosol 400 ml
Capacity400 ml
Number of pcs in the package12
Product codeART.AGT-133
Bar code5901764327271
CapacityPackageNumber of pcs in the packageArt. codeBar code
Tester szczelności aerozol 400 ml z zaworem 360°. (Leak tester, Leckage-prüfmittel, Тестер герметичности)400 mlAerosol12ART.AGT-1335901764327271

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