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Dive into the world of reliable power with AG TermoGlue Thermal Adhesive


Are you looking for a reliable solution for mounting radiators in high heat emission areas? AG TermoGlue is a groundbreaking product that combines outstanding heat conduction properties with unmatched adhesive strength, ensuring the longevity of every connection. Thanks to its versatile applications, you can effectively and safely upgrade your equipment.

Unmatched adhesive power with AG TermoGlue

Our thermal adhesive is designed to provide the highest quality connections, even in the toughest conditions. Its white formula not only ensures excellent heat conduction but also creates a reliable protective barrier against solvents. Thus, you can be confident that the bonded elements will remain intact for a long time.

Safety and efficiency

Safety is a key element of every project, and this product offers just that. Perfect for bonding, gap-filling between heating elements with a maximum thickness of up to 6 mm. Moreover, this reliable thermal adhesive ensures long life, thanks to its high resistance and tensile strength, performing well even in temperature ranges from -50°C to 200°C. Needs 24 hours to dry, but thicker applications may require up to 2 days for complete bonding.

Multifunctional applications of AG TermoGlue

Whether you plan to mount radiators on bridges, transistors, memory chips, or other places, AG TermoGlue is the perfect choice. Its wide range of applications makes it indispensable in various fields of technology, offering not only solid connections but also excellent heat conduction properties.

Exceptional features and longevity

With AG TermoGlue, you can be sure that every connection will maintain its properties for a long time. High dielectric strength and superior thermal conductivity ensure top-level safety and efficiency.

Availability and customization options

AG TermoGlue is available in various capacities, 10g and 120g, to perfectly match your individual needs and projects. Most importantly, we focus on innovation and are open to meeting individual requirements, offering the possibility of creating products under your brand. Click and check out our services.

In Summary

AG TermoGlue is a reliable and innovative solution for anyone looking for an excellent thermal adhesive. Unique heat conduction, strong adhesion, and versatile use make it ideal for various projects. Discover for yourself how easy it is to achieve reliable and safe connections. Immerse yourself in the world of reliable adhesive power!

10 g
Capacity10 g
Number of pcs in the package10
Product codeART.AGT-116
Bar code5901764327097
Opakowanie 120g innowacyjnego kleju termoprzewodzącego AG TermoGlue, idealnego do mocowania radiatorów w miejscach o wysokiej emisji cieplnej 120 g
Capacity120 g
Number of pcs in the package1
Product codeART.AGT-180
Bar code5901764327738
CapacityNumber of pcs in the packageArt. codeBar code
10 g10ART.AGT-1165901764327097
Opakowanie 120g innowacyjnego kleju termoprzewodzącego AG TermoGlue, idealnego do mocowania radiatorów w miejscach o wysokiej emisji cieplnej120 g1ART.AGT-1805901764327738

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