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Termosonik PCB – Your reliable ultrasonic cleaning solution


Have you ever wondered how to effectively remove contaminants from printed circuit boards and stencils? Termosonik PCB is the answer to your needs. This remarkable solution will make your electronic devices shine with cleanliness and make your production processes more efficient.


Reliable effectiveness of Termosonik PCB

Imagine a liquid that penetrates the smallest crevices, eliminating even the most stubborn contaminants. By utilizing ultrasonic waves, the cleaning process becomes extremely effective and quick. Solder residues and SMT adhesives stand no chance against its power.


Safety and Eco-Friendly application of the ultrasonic cleaning solution

How often do you worry about the safety of the chemicals you use? This ultrasonic cleaning solution is a product you can use without concerns. Its water-based formula makes it non-toxic and non-flammable, while its neutral pH of 11 ensures gentle yet effective action. Moreover, the solution is completely water-soluble, making it easy to rinse off and minimizing its environmental impact.


Simple and convenient application

We all value simplicity and convenience. Termosonik PCB REQUIRES NO DILUTION and is ready to use straight out of the bottle. Just pour it directly into the ultrasonic cleaner, mix, and start cleaning. Within minutes, your printed circuit boards will be as good as new. After the process, simply rinse them under running water to enjoy their cleanliness.


Features of Termosonik PCB

Termosonik PCB is a solution with a density of 0.99 g/cm³ and a viscosity of 15 cP at 20°C. These properties ensure that the product is well-formulated to effectively and quickly remove contaminants from printed circuit boards. Thanks to these parameters, cleaning becomes easier and more efficient.


Cleaning process in four steps with ultrasonic cleaner solution

  • Preparation of the Solution: Before use, thoroughly mix Termosonik PCB and pour it into the ultrasonic cleaner.
  • Cleaning: Ultrasonic waves will do their job in just 10 minutes, with the recommended operating temperature up to 55°C.
  • Rinsing: After cleaning, rinse the boards first under running water, then under demineralized or deionized water to remove all residues.
  • Drying: Allow the boards to dry at room temperature or use a stream of hot air.


Why choose Termosonik PCB?

By choosing this ultrasonic cleaning solution, you are selecting a product that is the result of advanced research and testing. Regular use improves production quality and extends the lifespan of electronic components, which in the long run reduces operating and maintenance costs.


Tailored to Your needs

Termosonik PCB is available in a 1-liter capacity (ART.AGT-200), making it ideal for both small workshops and large enterprises. The appropriate packaging ensures that you always have enough solution on hand.


Our services

Our company offers a wide range of services to meet your expectations. We can produce Termosonik PCB under your brand, customizing formulations and production processes to your requirements. We prepare Safety Data Sheets in 22 languages, ensuring compliance with international regulations. Additionally, our team works on innovative solutions tailored to the latest market trends and needs. For more information, visit our services page.



This ultrasonic cleaning solution is your reliable partner in cleaning printed circuit boards and stencils. By choosing our product, you gain high quality, reliability, and technical support. Discover for yourself how easy and effective cleaning can be with Termosonik PCB.


More information about the product can be found in the technical data sheet and safety data sheet.

Butelka płynu Termosonik PCB. Metal canister 1 L
Capacity1 L
PackageMetal canister
Number of pcs in the package1
Product codeART.AGT-200
Bar code5901764327875
CapacityPackageNumber of pcs in the packageArt. codeBar code
Butelka płynu Termosonik PCB.1 LMetal canister1ART.AGT-2005901764327875

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