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SmartGel perfectly clean screen


In today’s rapidly evolving world of technology, where we use a variety of touchscreen devices daily – from smartphones to tablets and laptops – finding the perfect solution to keep them clean has become quite a challenge. That’s why we created SmartGel, an innovative display cleaning gel that is both effective and safe to use.


Simplicity and effectiveness with SmartGel

Imagine how easy and quick it can be to clean the screens of your favorite devices now. Just a small amount of our gel is enough to restore their original shine. Moreover, its unique alcohol-free formula guarantees safety in use. This is the ideal solution for those who value simplicity and efficiency without compromising on quality.


SmartGel cleanliness and ease of use

SmartGel is like a gentle touch on your screen – its transparent and sticky consistency makes application simple and effective. This non-flammable gel, which is 100% water-soluble, not only cleans effectively but is also neutral.

What makes SmartGel special? It’s not just its high viscosity (1200-1800 cP at 20°C) or neutral pH (6-7), which ensure excellent cleanliness without the risk of damaging screens. It’s also the fact that it comes in practical 250 ml spray bottles (ART.AGT-256), making it easy to use. Thus, every use of SmartGel becomes convenient and effective, even for the busiest users.


Additional offer from AG TermoPasty

But our offer is not just the product itself. Thinking about our customers’ needs, we also offer private label product creation services, allowing for personalization and customization to individual needs. Our global approach is also evident in our service of creating Safety Data Sheets in as many as 22 languages, enabling us to reach customers worldwide. Learn more about our services.


In summary

With SmartGel, the cleanliness and safety of your devices are now within reach. Let every touch on your screen be a pleasure, not a hindrance. Choose SmartGel – because your devices deserve the best. Thanks to SmartGel, daily cleaning becomes not only simpler but also more conscious and responsible. It’s more than a product – it’s a philosophy of cleanliness and attention to detail that fits into a modern lifestyle.


For more information about the product, you can find it in the technical sheet and safety data sheet.

SmartGel 250ml + mikrofibra - żel do czyszczenia wyświetlaczy ciekłokrystalicznych w smartfonach, tabletach, laptopach, monitorach, ekranach dotykowych. Plastic bottle with atomizer 250 ml
Capacity250 ml
PackagePlastic bottle with atomizer
Number of pcs in the package12
Product codeART.AGT-256
CapacityPackageNumber of pcs in the packageArt. code
SmartGel 250ml + mikrofibra - żel do czyszczenia wyświetlaczy ciekłokrystalicznych w smartfonach, tabletach, laptopach, monitorach, ekranach dotykowych.250 mlPlastic bottle with atomizer12ART.AGT-256

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SmartGel + microfiber