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Rubber pads for remote controllers – quick button repair at Your fingertips


Have you ever wondered why your TV remote sometimes doesn’t respond to the first press? The solution to such issues is Rubber Pads for Remote Controllers, which not only ensure instantaneous reactions from your devices but also durability you can trust.


Seamless operation of Your favorite devices

Our rubber pads are designed to provide top-tier electrical conductivity. This allows the electrical impulse to be transmitted almost instantly, eliminating frustrating delays in the operation of devices such as remotes, calculators, or control panels. The silicone material from which the pads are made is both sturdy and flexible, ensuring long-lasting and efficient use. The thickness of each of these rubber pieces is 0.5 mm, and their diameter is 4 mm. This allows for easy adaptation to different types of devices.


Rubber pads for remote controllers – instant installation

We have also included special silicone adhesive in the package to facilitate the replacement of old pads. The process is simple and quick – just trim the worn pad by about 1 mm and apply a new one. Then wait 24 hours for the adhesive to dry. That’s it! Your device is ready for use again with even better responsiveness.


Available kits

The ideal set for individual users includes 100 conductive pads and 8 grams of silicone adhesive in a zip-lock bag (ART.AGT-021). This is an excellent choice for those who want to quickly and efficiently renew their devices.


Full support and service

We offer not only exceptional products but also adapt to the needs of our customers. If you are looking for more than standard solutions, our private label production offering and the ability to create data sheets in 22 languages ensure products perfectly tailored to your market requirements. Additionally, we maintain our packaging services at the highest level. This allows us to execute every order with precision and attention to detail. More information can be found on our service page.


Rubber pads for remote controllers – summary

Choosing Remote control keypads from AG TermoPasty is an investment in the long-lasting and reliable operation of your electronic devices. With us, you’ll find that even the smallest change can bring significant improvements to your daily use of electronics. Don’t wait, take care of your devices today!


For more information about the product, see the technical data sheet and safety data sheet.

Gumki do pilotów - opakowanie 100 czarnych gumek z klejem silikonowym. (Gummis für Fernbedienungen, Rubber pads for remote controllers) String bag 100 pcs.
Capacity100 pcs.
PackageString bag
Number of pcs in the package15
Product codeART.AGT-021
Bar code5901764320012
CapacityPackageNumber of pcs in the packageArt. codeBar code
Gumki do pilotów - opakowanie 100 czarnych gumek z klejem silikonowym. (Gummis für Fernbedienungen, Rubber pads for remote controllers)100 pcs.String bag15ART.AGT-0215901764320012

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Rubber pads for remote controllers