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Kontakt PCB PLUS – advanced PCB cleaning


Discover the revolution in PCB cleaning with Kontakt PCB PLUS – not just another cleaning agent, but a true breakthrough in technology. Designed for professionals and electronics enthusiasts, our product delivers unprecedented cleanliness, ensuring longevity and, above all, reliability of your devices.


Magic in liquid form

Kontakt PCB PLUS is a unique preparation that makes the PCB cleaning process incredibly simple. Its advanced formula effectively dissolves all solder residues, including rosin, without damaging delicate PCB surfaces. The container is equipped with a universal 360° Valve, allowing the contents to be sprayed in a full 360° range, so you can rotate the container in any direction, and the substance will be evenly distributed on your surface.

Additionally, we have included a specially designed brush with the product. Thanks to it, the product applicator allows precise cleaning of every nook and cranny of the PCB. Even the smallest particles and contaminants stand no chance against this precise tool. Each brush stroke ensures your PCB shines with cleanliness.


Kontakt PCB PLUS – fast and effective

Frustration associated with long waiting times for the cleaning agent to evaporate is a thing of the past. Kontakt PCB PLUS evaporates instantly, allowing you to move on to the next stages of work without unnecessary delays. One of its greatest advantages is also its safety. The liquid does not react with most materials used in electronics, meaning you do not have to worry about damaging your valuable components. You can use it without fear, knowing your PCB is in good hands.


The perfect solution for every service

Whether you run a professional electronic service or are an electronics enthusiast, Kontakt PCB PLUS will become your best friend. It is perfect for cleaning PCBs after repair and assembly, ensuring every surface is perfectly clean and ready for further work. Our product boasts excellent physicochemical properties. It is transparent, has a characteristic alcoholic smell. Its density at 20°C is 0.79 g/cm³, with a viscosity of 22.8 cP. Moreover, this product dissolves in water, making it even easier to use in various conditions.


Kontakt PCB PLUS – something for everyone

Our product is available in two capacities to meet different user needs:

  • 100 ml Aerosol (ART.AGT-237) – Ideal for small workshops and hobbyists. Compact and easy to use, it is perfect in situations where precision and mobility are crucial.
  • 400 ml Aerosol (ART.AGT-238) – An excellent choice for larger services and professionals. Larger capacity means fewer interruptions, translating to greater work efficiency.


Additional services

In our offer, you will find not only top-quality products but also a wide range of additional services. We offer production under the client’s brand, creating safety data sheets in 22 languages, and assistance in designing labels and packaging. All to provide you with solutions perfectly tailored to your requirements. More information can be found on our services page.



Kontakt PCB PLUS is a reliable and safe PCB cleaning agent, distinguished by excellent efficiency and quick action. Thanks to its advanced formula and special applicator, cleaning PCBs has never been easier. Ideal for professionals and electronics amateurs alike, this agent ensures perfect results every time.


More information about the product can be found in the technical data sheet and safety data sheet.

Aerosol 100 ml
Capacity100 ml
Number of pcs in the package12
Product codeART.AGT-237
Bar code5901764325291
Aerozol Kontakt PCB PLUS 400 ml przeznaczonego do czyszczenia obwodów drukowanych, z widocznym logo i aplikatorem. Aerosol 400 ml
Capacity400 ml
Number of pcs in the package12
Product codeART.AGT-238
Bar code5901764325260
CapacityPackageNumber of pcs in the packageArt. codeBar code
100 mlAerosol12ART.AGT-2375901764325291
Aerozol Kontakt PCB PLUS 400 ml przeznaczonego do czyszczenia obwodów drukowanych, z widocznym logo i aplikatorem.400 mlAerosol12ART.AGT-2385901764325260

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