Microfibre cloth 30 x 30 (5 pcs)


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Microfibre Cloth – Your tool for perfect cleanliness


Discover a new level of cleanliness with our cloth – an indispensable helper in the daily care of electronics. Specially designed to meet the expectations of both professionals and home users, the microfibre cloth is certainly the ideal solution for anyone who values hygiene and functionality.


Product features

  • High-Quality materials: Our cloth is made of microfibre with a weight of 220 g/m², consisting of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. This combination guarantees exceptional absorbency and durability, making the cloth highly effective against any dirt.
  • Versatility: The cloth works perfectly for cleaning laptops, monitors, keyboards, computer cases, printers, copiers, scanners, phones, fax machines, and typewriters. Regardless of the device, you can be sure that our microfibre cloth will get the job done. Its dimensions are 30 x 30 cm.
  • Streak and residue-free: Thanks to the special structure of the microfibre, the cloth effectively removes dust and dirt. It leaves no streaks or residues, ensuring your devices shine with cleanliness like never before.


Advantages of using a Microfibre Cloth

  • Excellent Cleanliness: Our cloth removes even the toughest dirt. Whether you are dealing with dust, fingerprints or other contaminants, our cloth will deal with them effortlessly.
  • Safe for Surfaces: The delicate structure of the microfibre does not scratch the cleaned surfaces, which is particularly important for screens and delicate electronic components. You can use it without worrying about damaging your devices.
  • Easy to Maintain: The cloth is machine washable, allowing for multiple uses. It is recommended to wash it at temperatures up to 60°C without using bleach, chlorine, or fabric softeners. After each use, simply rinse it in warm water to prepare it for the next cleaning.


How to use?

Regardless of the device you want to clean, our microfibre cloth will be an excellent choice. Simply wipe the surface gently with the cloth to remove dust and dirt. For tougher stains, you can slightly dampen the cloth with water to increase its effectiveness. To achieve even better results, we recommend using our microfibre cloth in combination with dedicated cleaning agents:

  • Plastic Cleaner: Ideal for cleaning computer cases, keyboards, and other plastic components. The cloth, combined with the cleaner, effectively removes dirt and restores shine to plastic surfaces.
  • Glass Cleaner: Perfect for cleaning monitors and screens. Using the cloth with this cleaner ensures crystal-clear, streak-free surfaces.
  • LCD/TFT Cleaner: Specifically developed for delicate LCD and TFT screens. In combination with our cloth, it provides safe and effective cleaning while protecting the screen from damage.


Microfibre Cloth – available variants

Our cleaning microfibre cloth is available in practical packs of 5 pieces (AGT.ART-257), ensuring long-term use and convenient storage. Each pack is designed for easy access and use.


Our services

At AG TermoPasty, we offer comprehensive support for your company, including the production of products under the client’s brand, label and packaging design, as well as filling finished products. Our team of specialists adapts formulas and production processes to create a product perfectly suited to your vision. Designers ensure that the labels meet all legal requirements and are visually appealing. With our advanced production infrastructure, we guarantee efficient and precise product filling, maintaining the highest quality standards. Click and check our services.



The microfibre cleaning cloth is a reliable tool for maintaining the cleanliness of your electronic equipment. Thanks to its exceptional properties, versatile application, and ease of maintenance, it is the ideal choice for everyone. Additionally, our services in client-branded production, label design, and product filling provide comprehensive support for your company. Choose quality and reliability – choose our microfibre cloth!


For more information about the product, refer to the technical data sheet.

Ściereczka z mikrofibry 30 x 30 cm – Odkryj Twoje uniwersalne narzędzie do doskonałej czystości. Wytrzymała i chłonna! (microfibre cloth, Mikrofasertuch, Салфетка из микрофибры) torebka z eurozawieszką 5 pcs.
Capacity5 pcs.
Dimensions30 x 30 cm
Packagetorebka z eurozawieszką
Number of pcs in the package1/20
Product codeART.AGT-257
Bar code5901764325536
CapacityDimensionsPackageNumber of pcs in the packageArt. codeBar code
Ściereczka z mikrofibry 30 x 30 cm – Odkryj Twoje uniwersalne narzędzie do doskonałej czystości. Wytrzymała i chłonna! (microfibre cloth, Mikrofasertuch, Салфетка из микрофибры)5 pcs.30 x 30 cmtorebka z eurozawieszką1/20ART.AGT-2575901764325536

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