In our daily use of aerosol products, few of us consider the technology behind these seemingly ordinary containers. Have you ever wondered what happens when you hold an aerosol can incorrectly? How important is the valve used?


Standard Valves can cause problems with improper use!

We’ve all encountered the situation where we try to use an aerosol can upside down or in any position other than upright. What happens then? The first issue is the unpleasant cold feeling on your hand caused by the “freezing” of the container. This phenomenon occurs because the contents of the aerosol and its propellant gas must work together under specific pressure and temperature conditions. When this balance is disturbed, thermodynamic processes occur, leading to this uncomfortable sensation.

Valve standard

Standard Valve with escaping propellant gas

A more serious issue is the efficiency of the aerosol itself. Most aerosols contain a propellant gas responsible for expelling the substance from the container. Improper handling can result in the propellant gas being used up, leaving only the product (e.g., paint) in the can, which cannot be dispensed without the gas. This drastically reduces the efficiency of the product and the coverage area, leading to frustration, especially when the product is half-used, but the lack of propellant gas prevents you from using the remaining contents.


Why is the 360° Valve an innovation?

The 360° valve features a special rotating mechanism that allows full rotation around the valve axis. This mechanism is integrated with a traditional valve, enabling you to freely adjust the spraying direction. This innovation allows for a full 360° range of spray, meaning you can turn it in any direction, and the substance inside will be evenly distributed.

The 360° valve represents a new stage in valve development. It is the result of continuous advancements in packaging technology and an increased understanding of aerosol behavior.


Benefits of a product with a 360° Valve

Using a 360° valve in aerosols offers many benefits, enhancing user convenience and product effectiveness.

One significant advantage is the versatility in spraying. The ability to fully rotate the valve around its axis means you can evenly distribute the product in different directions without changing the position of the can. This is useful for hair care products, paints, technical preparations, and others where even distribution is crucial.

Another benefit is high-quality application. In certain cases, especially in the cosmetic and electronics industries, even and precise product distribution is essential for the aesthetics and quality of the final result.


A third beneficial aspect is ease of use. For you as a user, this is a convenient solution because you don’t have to worry about the correct position of the container during application. You can freely rotate the can to adjust the spraying direction.

Economically, it minimizes product waste. 360° valves ensure the proper mix of product and propellant gas is dispensed. Regardless of the container’s angle, you can be confident of fully emptying the can. This prevents leftover propellant gas, unlike standard applicators.

We also can’t overlook the crucial advantage of precise application. 360° valves allow for accurate product application in seemingly inaccessible areas. They enable product distribution without unnecessary splattering or spilling, ensuring maximum use of the contents. Precision is especially important for products that always require exact distribution. These include paints, removers, compressed air, and other cleaning and maintenance agents.


Does the 360° Valve have any drawbacks?

In light of the many benefits of the 360° valve, one question remains: does this solution have any drawbacks? YES! However, they lie on the side of companies filling and preparing ready-to-sell aerosols. They mainly concern the higher cost of the valve compared to traditional technologies. Additionally, there is a need for research into the feasibility of using this innovative solution. Therefore, 360° valves are used by technologically advanced companies with their research laboratories, focusing on high-quality products.


In summary

Overall, 360° valves are becoming popular in products requiring flexibility in distribution and precise application control. Their technological advancement places demands on product manufacturers. However, more companies are using this technology in high-quality spray products.

Among AG TermoPasty products, you’ll find a wide range of items using this technology. Each aerosol is marked with our original 360° symbol. You can find these solutions in aerosol products for Electronics Maintenance, Soldering and Welding, Precision Mechanics, and Office categories. Try products with a 360° valve today.

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